Our Adoption Story

Tomorrow will be our one year adoptaversary for our dog, Rani. I still can’t believe that she has been in our lives for a year! It has flown by! With this week being all about dogs, I thought that I would share our adoption story and how she came into our lives! 

Last year, before summer started, my husband and I decided that we were ready for a dog. When we dated, we both shared similar stories of how we lived with dogs in college. I lived with my friend and her dog my senior year of college. That is when I truly saw the love a dog gives their owner. My husband had a similar experience. His roommate also had a dog and he would help take care of her. 

Once we decided that we wanted to adopt, we had to start researching rescue missions and places to adopt dogs. My friend had sent me one place on Instagram because her boyfriend at the time adopted his dog from there. It was called True North Rescue Mission. We followed them on Instagram and started to see dogs in need of homes every day. 

During the summer of 2019 I was going on a trip for two weeks to visit family and then once I got back, we would seriously look and meet some dogs. Within a few days of being back, we had emailed True North and sent them a list of dogs we wanted to meet. One dog was called Piper. She was a cute Pomeranian mix. The guy at True North put me in touch with her foster family. We exchanged emails and then found a time to meet up. We decided on Saturday August 3rd, 2019 in the morning at a park near the foster family’s house in Brooklyn. 

Piper on True North’s Instagram

Once my husband and I got to the park, something embarrassing actually happened. We went up to a lady who we thought was the foster mom, introduced ourselves, and then tried to pet her dog. Turns out it wasn’t her! We were so embarrassed!

When we actually found the right foster family and Piper, we were overjoyed with how cute she was! She looked like a little fox. However, she was very timid. She didn’t want us to pet her and she hid behind her foster dad. The foster parents let us take her around the park for a little so we could see how she acted. She was still very scared. Eventually, she let me pet her but not too much! She nipped me when I got a little too comfortable (something she still does-everyone has their boundaries!). 

Meeting her for the first time!

After an hour, we knew she was the pup for us. We could just feel it. She belonged with us and it felt so right. My husband and I left her knowing that we would see her again. We immediately started thinking of names. The foster family had been calling her Rosie but we didn’t want to keep that name (my aunt’s dog is named Rosie). We decided to try to keep it starting with an R so it would be easier for her to learn. Then it popped into my head, Rani! Rani means queen in Hindi and she was so majestic and royal. It fit her perfectly! 

After a few days of waiting, our adoption got approved! We got the paperwork, signed it, and paid the adoption fee.I scheduled a vet appointment and talked to Rani’s foster family. We decided we would pick her up on August 6th. 

The night we went to get her was a blur. We went to the foster family’s house with our pet carrier. It was so hard to get Rani in there. She was so timid and didn’t want to be near us. She was scared. We were nervous. Eventually, the foster family helped us get her into the carrier. We took an Uber from Brooklyn to our place. Once we got home, we had to gently lead her from her carrier to her crate. I somehow managed to get her leash off but not her harness. We tried to pet her some more but she nipped again, so we let her be. We went to bed and she let out a whimper once, then slept. We couldn’t believe that we finally had our dog. 

Our first night together!

The next day, we let her out of her crate and she ran to the closet. She stayed there until my husband left for work (I was at home because of summer break). Throughout the day, I would give her treats and only pet her when she initiated contact. I let her come to me and gave her the space she needed. This worked really well because by the end of the day, she trusted me. It was a great start to our relationship. 

Everyone’s adoption story is unique. Ours is so special to us because she is our first dog and first real responsibility as a couple. We love her dearly! I can’t believe we will be celebrating one year of being together, tomorrow! Time flies when you have a dog who you love and loves you back ❤ 

On a family car ride! We got Rani a little car seat!

xxSejalina and Rani

5 thoughts on “Our Adoption Story

  1. So cute! Happy 1 year! 🙂 We have a rescue dog too. His name is Oscar and he’s a dachshund mix. We rescued him about 2.5 years ago and he changed our lives for the better. Dogs are the best!


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